Richard and I first met 8 years ago where we instantly become great friends. I can remember exactly how I felt the first time we met, and I still get butterflies when he is around. At the time, our lives were heading in two different directions as I was pursuing veterinarian school and Richard was a yacht captain. Once our lives settled down and our paths seemed to be pointing in the same direction, we took the leap of faith of going from friends to dating! Richard moved closer so we could pursued our relationship. On May 27,2018, after dating for 6 months, Rich asked me to be his wife while visiting the most southern part of Florida. It was beautiful and I couldn’t believe I would be marrying the man of my dreams. On December 15, 2018, during a beautiful Florida sunset, we tied the knot! What made this occasion so special was that we were surrounded by all our close family and friends. After getting married, we were blessed with the opportunity to purchase our first home located across the street from a beautiful lake that was named after my great grandfather. Even better, our new home is located within close proximity to our family. 

We have a six-year-old Goldendoodle named Ernie, who gets to experience nearly everything with us. Wherever we are, you’ll almost always find him right there with us.

Throughout the years, we have realized that marriage isn’t all that hard when it’s with your best friend. We have learned that becoming great friends first has made us who we are today. We’ve been so blessed with encouraging examples from both Richard’s and my parents. We have worked so hard to be where we are at in life and are enjoying watching our dreams become reality. It’s been the most beautiful journey and we can’t wait to share this life we’ve built with our future children.




Occupation: Former Military and School Resource Officer 

Age: 39 

Religion: Christian 

Siblings: 1 brother 

Highest Education: Technical College 


Occupation: Agriculture Teacher 

Age: 33 

Religion: Christian 

Siblings: 1 sister 

Highest Education: Bachelors Degree from University of Florida 



Promises are hard, especially when it’s to someone we’ve not yet met. What could we possibly say that would hold any value to your choosing us to forever love and take care of life's most precious gift. What we can tell you is that we wont forget your courage and bravery. You are making the ultimate sacrifice, no matter the situation. Your son or daughter will know that your heart, from the day he or she is born, is nothing but fearless and full of love for them. We will teach them that they are so incredibly special because of the strong and courageous decision you made. We hope to meet you, love you, and support you in any way possible. 

We promise to speak of you with love and respect. We will encourage the importance of education and provide a college education to your child. We will set a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ and the importance of unconditional love. We will read to your child nightly and rock him or her to sleep. We will also encourage your child to participate in his or her choice of sport or recreational activity. Health is extremely important to us and we promise that your child will have regular doctor and dentist visits. We will have our home decorated with their pictures and artwork. Your child will have the opportunity to be anything they want to be in life and will have support from us. Your child will be encouraged to chase their dreams and to love life the way we love the way God Intends. You child will know that he or she are extremely loved by you and by us. We promise to protect, love, support your child in every aspect of his or her life. 

(352) 744-9113


Richard and I said “I Do” on Dec 15, 2018 and it was a dream come true. We were so in love and knew we had forever together.


Our journey of trying to start a family started not long after we got married. We knew, whether was adopted or had our own biological child, we would love them unconditionally. Unfortunately, over the years of trying, we were unable to have our own and experienced several losses.


Adoption has been on our hearts since before we were married. We had discussed that we wanted to adopt no matter if we had our own children or not. God has opened doors and the opportunity that has lead us to adoption. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to raise and love a child unconditionally.



The words of Richard Evans, the husband of Danielle Evans. I couldn't be prouder to say that I have married such a loving, caring and nurturing person than Danielle, my best friend. Both of our dreams have always been to become parents. I have no doubt that she is going to be a wonderful mother one day and cant wait to see her as a mother. The way she is around kids makes her light up and kids adore her (almost as much as I do). When God grants us the title of mommy and daddy our hearts will melt with love, joy, and compassion. I dont think there will be a better day in our lives than that day when she will receive that title. We have such an amazing and loving family that supports us 100% and especially my parents to be granted the title as grandma and grandpa since this will be their first grand baby. There is nothing in this world more than to hear our child call my wonderful wife "MOMMY".

The words of Danielle Evans, wife of Richard Evans. The first time Rich and I met I knew he had been the one I had prayed for all my life. He was so kind, gentle, sweet, caring, understanding, patient, God fearing and best of all he saw me for me. I instantly knew that one day I was going to marry this man and fast forward 8 years later, here we are. I love him more and more each day and I thank God every day for him.

The first time I knew he was going to be an amazing daddy was when he held my oldest nephew 8 years ago. The look on his face as he was holding that tiny baby just melted my heart. Every nephew and niece since that day, I have seen that sweet, caring, loving look that he gets when holding them and still too this day that look has not changed. Now, my nephews are 8 & 6, and my niece is 4 years old, and they love their Uncle Richard so much just as much as he loves them. Looking at the way he takes time with them, loves them, cares for them, and teaches them, I can see him with our own children one day doing the same. Rich is going to be an amazing daddy and the love that he will have for his children will be something that I can’t wait to see!



Shows/Movies: Yellowstone, Blacklist, Cooking Shows, Marvel Movies, Mystery

Seasonal Shows/ Movies: Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Grinch, Christmas Story, Home alone, It’s a Wonderful Life 

Colors: Aqua Blue and Blue 

Dessert: Double Chocolate Cake and Carrot Cake (with no raisins) 

College Team: Florida Gators

Pro Team: Miami Dolphins

Sports: Baseball, Football, Hockey and Richard Loves ALL Sports 

Baseball Team: Rays

Hockey Team: Lightening 

Music: Classic Country, Christian and Oldies

Artist: Chris Stapleton, Johnny cash, Bon Jovi, Tom petty, Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks, Jimmy Buffet. 

Coffee: Starbucks & Dunkin 

Holiday: Both Christmas

Vacation: The beach with our family fishing and snow skiing. 

Animal: Golden Doodle 



Danielle’s Bucket List: 

Travel to Israel, 

Travel to Ireland, 

Sight see the humpback whales in Alaska,

 See the Northern Lights, 

Sky diving,  

Own a Vacation House on the Water, 

Learn to Speak Another Language. 

Richard’s Bucket List: 

Travel to Yellowstone,

 Hunting out West, 

Travel to Israel, Ireland and Wales, 

Fishing in Alaska, 

Own a Vacation home in Georgia.